Rockwell Kent - James Fitzgerald House & Studio

1 Lighthouse Hill, Monhegan Island, ME 04852


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In 2004, longtime Monhegan summer resident Anne M. Hubert bequeathed to the Monhegan Museum of Art and History her home and studio on Monhegan, along with the estate of James E. Fitzgerald. Friends and patrons of James Fitzgerald, Anne and Edgar Hubert inherited his artwork as well as his Monhegan home and studio when he died in 1971.

Both buildings were designed and built by Rockwell Kent between for his own use, 1906 to 1910. The studio, built by Kent as an art school, was subsequently owned by his cousin, the painter Alice Kent Stoddard. James Fitzgerald acquired the studio in 1952 and the house in 1958. 

Both buildings, which are on the National Register of Historic Places, are now open to the public on a limited basis each week during the summer. 

The Kent-Fitzgerald home is a historic house museum, and the studio is used to display paintings by James Fitzgerald from the museum’s collection.