Privacy Policy

This policy discloses the ARTGEEK.IO website privacy practices.

The basic functionality of the ARTGEEK.IO exhibition-finder is available without the User being asked to register. Site Users who want to use personalizing features (such as Bookmarking and My List) are required to register in order to do so.

User Registration 

User Registration entails providing, at a minimum, the User’s current e-mail address. Users may optionally provide additional personal information in such designated fields that may exist on the Registration Form. This information is collectively referred as User Information.

User Engagement

ARTGEEK.IO employs cookies to gather and aggregate anonymous information about how Users are engaging with the website so that we can identify opportunities for improvement. For more information, see our Cookie Policy

Use of Registration and Engagement information

ARTGEEK.IO. may perform statistical analysis of User behavior in order to measure user engagement in the various areas of the site. In this statistical analysis, information may be disclosed to third parties, but only in aggregate form. 

Security of Users’ Personal Information

ARTGEEK.IO takes the security and integrity of Users’ personal information seriously. ARTGEEK.IO applies industry-standard security measures to ensure that our Users’ personal information is protected. However, we cannot guarantee that this information will not be stolen. 

Passwords to access data at ARTGEEK.IO are only available to personnel trained and contractually obligated to maintain the confidentiality of e-mail addresses and any other information about our Users.

No personal information submitted by Users is used for any purpose other than the reason stated above. Furthermore, no personal information is ever distributed outside of ARTGEEK.IO, for any purpose.