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Great for museum-goers and great for museums!

Your museum gets a dedicated page in the search engine  


Support ArtGeek So ArtGeek Can Support YOU!

Here are ways your museum can benefit while supporting free access to this national museum search engine: 


1.  Have a look at your museum’s listing by entering your museum name in the WHERE search field

  • Suggest improvement to the description of your museum  
  • If you'd like to change the placeholder picture, provide a exterior image of your museum (or the entry)

2.  Individually promote select special exhibitions on the ArtGeek seach engine 

  • Feature individual special exhibitions for guaranteed extra publicity (see Benefits #4-8, below)
  • Provides a dedicated descriptive page for the exhibition
  • Priced at $30 per exhibition (credit card only)

3.  Join the ArtGeek Champion Program  

  • Guarantees your museum and exhibitions extra boosts of publicity (see Benefits, below)
  • Provides a dedicated descriptive page for your exhibitions
  • Modestly-priced, the fee is based on number of changing exhibitions you host in 12-month period (see below)
  • Lets museum-goers know your museum supports the free ArtGeek seach engine

To do any of the above, please email Jane (MJM "at" ArtGeek "dot" art)  – let’s talk!

Champion Benefits

1. “Champion” emblem displayed on your museum’s ArtGeek page

2.  "Support Our Champions” listing 

3.  New Champion” social media and newsletter features

4.  Dedicated descriptive page, with image, for your exhibition(s)

5.  Your exhibition(s) listed on your dedicated ArtGeek museum page

6.  Social media posts promoting your exhibition(s)

7.  Your exhibition(s) featured  in the SneakPeek newsletter 

8.  Your exhibition(s) featured on the ArtGeek home-page 

Champion Fee schedule

Your 1-year subscription fee is based on the number of exhibitions you want us to promote in a 12-month period.
  • $60:    3 exhibitions per year
  • $100:  6 exhibitions per year 
  • $200:  7 -12 exhibitions per year

  • Should Your Museum be on ArtGeek?

    Email Jane if your museum isn’t on this Museums List and it’s:

    • an art museum, whether it hosts temporary exhibitions or is collection-only 
    • not an art museum per se, but hosts at least one art exhibition per year 
    • an historic house or artist’s studio 
    • a sculpture garden or a botanical garden