About ArtGeek

Plain and simple:  we're art geeks!

What makes an art geek? 

It's pretty straightforward: If you enjoy art, you're an art geek!

At home, you support your local art museums. 

When you travel, you go to the "go-to" museums, and you're always happy to discover hidden gems.

That's why we decided to create a museum search engine -- for art geeks, by art geeks! 

What is ArtGeek?

It's the easiest way to find -- all in one place -- every art museum and other appealing venues wherever you are or wherever you're going! 

ArtGeek gives you a complete and accurate directory of art museums across the United States. 

There are hundreds of lesser-known museums across the U.S. Many have exceptional collections, often with a unique special focus, often showing truly engaging exhibitions.  But finding them can be a question of luck or perseverance. 

Now you can easily find museums you're interested in, anywhere in the country  ... searching by location and then filtering for the type of art you want to see. 

It's easy to use and it's free!


So far the ArtGeek database holds almost 1300 American museums, sculpture and botanical gardens, historic houses and other not-for-profit venues that host art exhibitions.

We're adding more as we learn about them. We're confident that we have almost every US art museum in the ArtGeek database, and now we're focused on building our list of gardens and historic houses.  

If you know of a non-commercial venue that isn't listed on ArtGeek that you think should be, please tell us about it! 


We estimate that there are approximately 3500 art exhibitions scheduled at museums around the country at any given time.  

We add to our database those exhibitions that come to our attention that we think are notable. These listings appear on the host museum's ArtGeek page. 

In fact, every ArtGeek museum page has a link to the museum's own website, making it easy for you to learn what's on their exhibition schedule.

Art Travel Blog

Whenever we travel we visit art museums, historic houses and gardens. Then we write up our impressions in our Art Things Considered travel blog. 

We want to encourage our readers to do more art travel! 


For your convenience, we offer museum and exhibition catalogs and art-related publications for sale. Books are selected for their relevance to listed exhibitions and museums. 

We also suggest destination guidebooks that we think might be helpful to art-oriented travelers.

Every purchase of a book made through the ArtGeek.art website contributes to our income, allowing us to continue to offer free access to the ArtGeek musuem directory. 

Through an affiliation with Amazon.com we receive a small commission on everything you buy via a link to Amazon from our site. (See Affiliate Disclosure). Linking through from our site takes you to your existing Amazon account, so your Prime membership and other Amazon benefits apply. 

We hope you’ll find ArtGeek.art useful – again and again – and that you’ll tell your art geek friends about the site.  

Heartfelt thanks from the ArtGeek team: Jane, Michael, Fiz and Ian