About You

Are you an art geek?

art·geek | ärt ɡēk |

a person who has an interest in art and wants a fun, easy way to learn about new museums and “gotta see it” exhibitions. 

      Art geeks use ArtGeek.io to know what's on, where, to discover more and miss less."

You are an art geek if … 

… you visit art museums when you travel.

… you sometimes plan a trip especially to visit an exhibition or museum.

… you want an easy, pleasurable way to plan art trips.

… you have been frustrated by learning too late about an exhibition.

… you like a particular type of art and want learn about opportunities to see it.

… you enjoy discovering "little jewel" museums.

… you wonder what's on, nearby, when you’ve got time on your hands.

… you want to decide when to go, to see the most interesting exhibitions.

Whatever art you like, from antiquities to contemporary, fine art or folk art, Academic or abstract, sculpture or drawing, indigenous or Renaissance, ceramics or textiles ... 

you are an art geek! And we've got you covered.