Renée Cox : Soul Culture

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Dec 15 2017 - Apr 22 2018

Pioneering photographer Renée Cox, stirrer of controversy and breaker of boundaries, debuts her new series of work Soul Culture at the CMA. Cox continues to deconstruct issues of race and gender using the body as central image to promote positivity and empowerment. In this series, Cox transforms her photographic portraits into hypnotic video and mandala-like reliefs that are influenced by Hindu and Buddhist religious art, the visual escapism of 1960s psychedelia, and the use of fractals in African culture. Digitally manipulated images are cut and handwoven into unique kaleidoscopic “paintings.” The artist creates mesmerizing work designed to let our minds go and find meditative peace.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Mixed-media
  • Contemporary
  • Ethnic / Gender
  • Renée Cox

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