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The Road Less Traveled Exhibition Series

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May 7 2017 - Jul 24 2017

In celebration of 50 years of art at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, ARTspace pays special tribute to the renowned Arts/Industry program. The 43-year-old residency program is a unique collaboration between art and industry administered by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and hosted by Kohler Co., the nation’s leading plumbing ware firm.

To honor this amazing program, ARTspace brings together four Arts/Industry alumni—Giselle Hicks (MT), Miranda Howe (NM), Debbie Kupinsky (WI), and Karen Thuesen Massaro (CA)—and current Pottery artist-in-residence Mary Ann Kluth (CA). Arts/Industry: Beyond the Factory explores the work of these artists prior to and after their residency program. These works were produced in the artists’ studios, not during their residencies, and hold the influence, creative practice, and process the artists use beyond their factory experience.

Discover ceramic vessels, both beautiful and functional; statement necklaces of individually created ceramic beads and sterling silver; and two-dimensional lusciously layered landscapes on view only at ARTspace at The Shops at Woodlake in Kohler Village.

Celebrate 50 years of art at the Arts Center by taking home a handmade work of art today. Your purchase directly supports the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and its programs.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Various Media
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Giselle Hicks
  • Miranda Howe
  • Debbie Kupinsky
  • Karen Thuesen Massaro
  • Mary Ann Kluth

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