My Hero: Contemporary Art and Superhero Action

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Aug 24 2017 - Jan 2 2018

My Hero: Contemporary Art & Superhero Action is a dynamic collection of international artworks—in a variety of media—that celebrates, examines, and re-envisions the “lives” of iconic superheroes. For decades, popular culture has been fascinated by superheroes—their superhuman capabilities, their desire for truth and justice, and their ability to save the day. Their storylines have captivated many, and their imagery has become the stuff of contemporary idols throughout the world.

Born of the imaginings and talent of comic artists several generations ago, these imagined personalities inspire contemporary artists today who continue to tap the world of the superhero, paying tribute to the characters that were early artistic inspirations.

The exhibition includes a wide array of media by an international roster of artists including Mike Alcantara, Clemintine Campardou Blule, Katherine Bradford, Robert Xavier Burden, Penny Byrne, Enrique Chagoya, Sandra Chevrier, Mark D’Alfonso, Andreas Englund, Jeremy Fisher, and Cheong-ah Hwang.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • International
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy / Comic
  • Various artists

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