Modernist Intersections

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Jul 27 2017 - Oct 15 2017

Modernist Intersections grows from the enthusiasm of one collector’s desire to share exceptional art with many audiences. The exhibition invites dialog and personal connection. The works stem from the early twentieth century to the present, relying on a broad definition of Modernism that includes work both disruptive and comforting, shocking and inspiring, historic and contemporary, and abstract and representational. It includes both American and international art, always selected with an overriding emphasis on aesthetic impact and quality.

The exhibition has appeared in other venues with varying selections from the large Tia Collection, Santa Fe, New Mexico, which organized the exhibition.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

Whether or not you go, Modernist Intersection: The Tia Collection features 163 pages of 53 color plates and essays from contributors. "Modernists break down the conventional formulas of representation, adopt new techniques, examine subjects from a multitude of viewpoints, and generally speaking, eschew realism.They draw attention to the artistic process and the materials used in creating a work of art. Experimentation, aesthetic introspection, and a re-examination of existence are all hallmarks of modernism. One or more elements of these traits can be found in each of the works in Modernist Intersections."- W. James Burns

Modernist Intersection: The Tia Collection

  • 20th Century
  • Modernism
  • Various artists

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