Literary Spirit at Fruitlands Museum and the Old Manse

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Apr 15 2017 - Nov 5 2017

Fruitlands Museum and the Old Manse have long inspired for writers of all kinds: sermon-writing reverends, diligent diarists, philosophers, faithful letter-writers, social theorists, and captivating masters of fiction. Inspired by the natural beauty of these special places, and encouraged by the friendships made and kept there, these writers sharpened their worldviews and developed their ideas through writing. The exhibition will cover approximately 100 years, from the 1770s when the Old Manse was inhabited by Rev. William Emerson, to A. Bronson Alcott and Louisa May Alcott’s death, just three days apart, in 1888. At the heart of the exhibition, and in the center of the gallery space, will be the books, journals, and letters that connected these people who lived and worked in Concord and Harvard, MA. This rich literary and social history will be enhanced by photos and an interactive installation by contemporary artists Lisa McCarty and Jonathan Gitelson, and interactive writing stations that reinforce the central themes of reading, writing, and the powerful influence of place on creativity.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

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  • Lisa McCarty
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