Earth Muse: Art and the Environment

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Apr 15 2017 - Jul 30 2017

Earth Muse presents the work of artists who view the earth as a muse for contemplation of nature’s beauty and diversity, of her eternal rhythms, and of the physical record of geological and human history on the planet.  Evocative aerial images of Long Island waters by Alex Ferrone, photograms of ocean waves by Melissa Fleming, topographical constructions of the Adirondacks by Winn Rea, and photographs by Barbara Roux encourage an alternate experience of familiar landscapes, while works by Michelle Stuart, Peter Beard, and Brandon Ballengée reflect on man’s place within nature and our impact on the environment.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • American
  • Animals / Wildlife / Nature
  • Alex Ferrone
  • Melissa Fleming
  • Winn Rea
  • Barbara Roux
  • Michelle Stuart
  • Peter Beard
  • Brandon Ballengée

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