Iowa + Taiwan: The Fourth Iowa Metals Guild Exhibition

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Oct 22 2016 - Aug 6 2017

Metals have allowed humans to create buildings, wage war, and make art. Due to its resilient nature, metal arts can be traced back thousands of years, a reminder that people have an instinctive desire to create things, not only for practical purposes, but also for aesthetic value. 

The Fourth Iowa Metal Guild Exhibition is a celebration of the rich diversity and immense talent in both the Iowa and Taiwan metal arts communities. These disparate groups are connected by the organizer of this exhibition, Professor Kee-Ho Yuen from the University of Iowa. Professor Yuen views his own metalwork as an evolving collage of the influences of East and West, and this exhibition demonstrates his commitment to encouraging metal artists around the world.

All the artists in this exhibition have some connection to Iowa, either by way of having lived here or having been taught by an Iowa metals artist. The works showcased in these galleries range from wearable to sculptural and use a wide variety of technical processes and materials to achieve each unique piece. The diversity of materials and processes reflects the extraordinary range and creativity of contemporary metal arts.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Decorative Arts
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Metalwork
  • Group show

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