Dream Anthologies

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Jan 29 2017 - Apr 23 2017

The imagery I create with watercolor involves a complex network of layers vacillating between historical art references or present day themes or comics. Atop all this imagery are three-dimensional objects juxtaposed to these complex flat planes. The theme references that move deep into the surface are not there as a matter of disguise or clever hiding, but instead move deep into the darkness of time and memory. The intention is for the viewer to examine the work that is on top, and that which goes so deep as to be barely visible. To me, this reflects our response to time, to the past and to present realities. Then the focal point then becomes the central image or object which is illuminated by the ever eternal light. So in a sense, I have set a stage and the central image then takes center stage for a two-dimensional and a three-dimensional drama at the same time.
Warren Taylor

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

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  • Warren Taylor

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