A Compass to Guide: South Carolina Cabinetmakers Today

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Aug 1 2016 - Jul 15 2017

McKissick Museum

Columbia, SC

South Carolina has a long history of local cabinetmakers, who worked primarily to supply their surrounding communities with the furniture and implements needed in everyday life. While the industrial revolution saw the transition of much of this work to large, commercial operations, individuals continued to craft furniture distinct to their particular region. A Compass to Guide; South Carolina Cabinetmakers Today will focus on contemporary cabinetmakers, their regional differences and similarities, and explore the roots of their respective traditions. The exhibition will incorporate furniture from cabinetmakers actively practicing in South Carolina, as well as photographs and oral histories, exploring how these artists learned and what motivates them to work with wood as their primary medium. 18th and 19th century examples of South Carolina furniture will be featured, reflecting the importance of historical context to the discussion of contemporary furniture traditions.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Decorative Arts
  • American
  • Furniture
  • Steve Reeves
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