Ted Larsen: Lined Out

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Sep 25 2016 - Dec 30 2016

Santa Fe artist Ted Larsen has created an immersive installation in Studio X using a network of horizontal and vertical linear elements attached directly to the gallery walls. Fabricated from steel rods covered with salvaged automotive metal, the individual units combine to make patterns suggestive of Mondrian. It generates for the viewer the experience of walking into a colorful three-dimensional drawing. While the term “line out” has multiple meanings, Larsen is most interested in the concept of lining out as arranging an extended line or lining out a route. In some areas of his installation, the extended line will literally extend into the physical environment of the gallery.

Using pre-painted materials allows Larsen to acknowledge and incorporate past history. He explains, “The installation makes direct reference to the history of wall painting and yet offers new ways to see it. I have ‘lined out’ both the new and the old.”

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Sculpture
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Ted Larsen

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