Finding Metacom: Artists Duane Slick & Martin Smick in Dialogue with the Native American Collection

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Sep 2 2016 - Nov 6 2016

This collaborative exhibit centers on King Philip's war club, a prized object in Fruitland Museum's collection, and explores the lingering presence of Metacom (King Philip's Wampanoag name) and the narratives that shape American history.

The two artists -- one who is Native American and the other who is of Anglo-American descent -- present paintings and other work that examine the life and legacy of the great Wampanoag leader. The exhibit documents the current conditions of Metacom's home village in Montaup, or Mount Hope, in Bristol, Rhode Island, and traces the casual transformation of Metacom's legacy from cultural leader to Americana mascot.  

Developed specifically for Fruitlands Museum, this special exhibition reflects on the intention of founder Clara Endicott Sears to honor Native American peoples.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Indigenous
  • Native-American
  • Duane Slick
  • Martin Smick

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