Ferocious Beauty: Wrathful Deities from Tibet and Nepal

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Nov 13 2016 - Apr 23 2017

Walters Art Museum

Baltimore, MD

Striking works of Himalayan art depict wrathful Buddhist deities with fearsome qualities. Although they may appear intimidating, these deities use their power to guard against antagonists and thwart obstacles to the spiritual goals of their devotees. Featuring twelve sculptures, paintings, and ritual objects drawn primarily from the Ford Collection, this exhibition deepens our understanding of these compelling images.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

Whether you go or not, the art traditions of the Himalayas is extensively documented in Himalayan Art, which showcases art from the culturally rich and diverse Himalayan regions. From glowing thangkas (scroll paintings), ritual daggers, fierce masks to serene stupas, majestic monasteries, and palaces to impermanent sand mandalas. to the everyday art of handmade fabrics, finely woven shawls, exquisite embroidery, intricate wood and stone carving. In this book, the sacred unites with the secular to make for a stunning, enriching, and magical experience and provides information on the unique art traditions of the Himalayas - a rare glimpse into a world that is fast becoming extinct due to the pressures of modernity.

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