World Nativities

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Nov 23 2018 - Jan 6 2019

Glencairn Museum

Bryn Athyn, PA

This exhibition presents dozens of three-dimensional Nativity scenes, collected from around the world. For many Christians the Nativity scene is a meaningful expression of religious faith, providing a compelling visual focus during the Christmas season. World Nativities shows how artisans adapt the Nativity scene to represent their own spiritual, intellectual, cultural and regional environments. 

This year the exhibition features Nativities from the Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven, Connecticut, and examples from Glencairn’s own growing collection. Settings for the Nativities have been created by Bryn Athyn artisan Kathleen Glenn Pitcairn.

Joralyn Echols Glen, speaking for the museum,  tells us, "Each year Glencairn has a world Nativities exhibition, using Nativities in our collection and loaned Nativities. So there’s often something familiar to see, but always something new, too. The Nativities are displayed in settings done by a volunteer who has stage design in her background, and always add to the viewing experience. The label copy is written to explain the object’s provenance and materials used, but also, when possible, information on the artist and the religious beliefs that drove the design. The exhibition is staged in Glencairn’s Great Hall, which is medieval in style, with artifacts, stone work and stained glass windows."

  • Sculpture
  • International
  • Sacred

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