Photography & Digital Media Students of Don Polzo

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Mar 4 2016 - Jun 26 2016

Don Polzo guides his students through a personalized creative discovery process. His goal as an instructor is to help his students cultivate their visual voices by utilizing the digital medium. Their technological level is secondary to expressing their vision. This exhibition features various styles of expression depicting a range of subject matter including, portraiture, still lifes, landscapes and cityscapes. The students represented were enrolled in Don Polzo’s Personal Digital Projects.

Don Polzo combines traditional silver processes and digital capture in his own work. He describes his photographs as having a documentary style. ”I perceive of myself as a spectator recording the ordinarily unseen. Personal expression resides in a state of ‘being’ present to your inner creativity and inspirations.”

Please see museum website for list of participating student artists

  • Multi-media / Digital / Video
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Student-work
  • Group show

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