Synapses: Threads for Thought

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May 21 2016 - Apr 9 2017

Synapses: Threads for Thought presents over two dozen works from the Museum’s collection as a meandering thread of diverse connections. 

Paintings, prints, and photographs executed in a range of styles and with varying subjects are arranged so that each work links to those that precede and follow it, but in different ways. The revealed associations in concept and formal concerns enlarge the viewer’s interpretation and highlight the interconnectedness of visual experience. With works ranging from a late-16th century Annunciation and George Grosz’s Eclipse of the Sun to abstractions by Arthur Dove and photographs by , this exhibition embraces the breadth of the Museum’s collection.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • International
  • George Grosz
  • Arthur Dove
  • Larry Fink
  • and others

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