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May 8 2016 - Aug 28 2016

Socrates Sculpture Park

New York City, NY

Marking Socrates Sculpture Park’s 30th anniversary this year, the institution presents Landmark a series featuring eight different artist commissions and projects that transforms the land both physically and symbolically. 

Once an industrial landfill and illegal dumping ground, Socrates Sculpture Park has transformed itself into New York City’s preeminent sculpture park and social space for public art, community engagement and urban discovery. Landmark directly addresses the idea of place as intimately tied to social and ecological structures, to maintenance and stewardship, and to evolution over time.

LANDMARK features eight different artist projects including a newly commissioned major earthwork by Meg Webster. Additional artists in the exhibition include Abigail DeVille, Brendan Fernandes, Cary Leibowitz, Jessica Segall, Casey Tang, the curatorial collective ARTPORT_making waves, and a Broadway Billboard by Hank Willis Thomas. Since its inception in 1986, Socrates and the surrounding area of Queens, New York has rapidly changed. Whether by engaging directly with the land or commenting on the neighborhood’s cultural and economic shifts, each artwork in LANDMARK reflects historic transformations in the making.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Sculpture
  • Contemporary
  • Meg Webster
  • Brendan Fernandes
  • and others

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