The University of Notre Dame has constructed a new community asset, the Raclin Murphy Museum of Art at Notre Dame. Located in Notre Dame’s new arts district on the south end of campus facing Angela Boulevard, the Museum is easily accessible for both on- and off-campus patrons.The galleries in the new Raclin Murphy Museum of Art opened Dec 1st, 2023. The former Snite Museum of Art will continue its transformation into the Snite Research Center in the Visual Arts.

At 70,000 square feet, the $66 million Raclin Murphy Museum of Art is the first phase of what is ultimately to become a 132,000-square-foot museum complex. The Museum joins the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, the Charles B. Hayes Family Sculpture Park, the Matthew and Joyce Walsh Family Hall of Architecture, and the O’Neill Hall of Music in an assemblage of new facilities dedicated to the arts.

Dating to 1875, the University of Notre Dame has one the oldest and most highly regarded collections of any academic art museum in the nation. Today nearly 31,000 objects form the collections representing many vibrant cultures from across time from around the globe. It's a world of visual art spanning centuries.

Founded on the principle that art is essential to understanding individual, shared, and diverse human experiences and beliefs, the Museum encourages close looking and critical thinking. Experiences with significant, original works of art are intended to stimulate inquiry, dialogue, and wonder for audiences across the academy, the community, and around the world—all in support of the University of Notre Dame’s Catholic mission. Exhibitions are frequently curated to reflect the interaction of native and colonial Catholic religious traditions. Also on the campus is the Notre Dame Sculpture Park.

Exhibitions are scheduled to coincide with academic semesters.

Exhibitions & Dates