Meow Wolf - Omega Mart

3215 S. Rancho Drive, #100, Las Vegas, NV 89102


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Meow Wolf presents unique art experiences featuring an astonishing new art form of non-linear storytelling that unfolds through exploration, discovery and 21st century interactivity.

Explore “America’s Most Exceptional Grocery Store” and MORE—and yes, and MORE YES— at Meow Wolf’s second permanent exhibition, the unpredictably mind-scrambling, perspective-shifting Omega Mart.

Get lost in (and beyond) aisles of whimsical products as this irresistible story of a family-store-turned-supermarket unfurls into mega-impactful art. Every door or box of cereal at Omega Mart is a potential entryway into new worlds and artful revelations, while breathtaking installations from local and international artists offer enchanting spaces to wander. Watch out for exceptional customers, difficult spills, and not-so-secret bars! So many details, both big and small, get overlooked, but that’s what makes Omega Mart worth the repeat visit(s). There’s always something new in-store.

The arts collective that created House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe has expanded with even bigger immersive experiences in additional cities: Convergence Station in Denver CO and The Real Unreal in Grapevine, TX. A Meow Wolf experience in Houston TX is expected to open in 2024.

All Meow Wolf Exhibitions are now Certified Autism Centers™

Credit: Overview from museum website