Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts

103 Cochran Road, Edgecomb, ME 04556


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An old brick factory is now a place for clay artists to live and work in community. Today, more than 100 artists a year come to Watershed to create and connect with like-minded makers. The dual mission is to provide artists with time and space to explore ideas with clay; and to promote public awareness of the ceramic arts. Through residencies, workshops, public events, talks and exhibitions, Watershed supports the process and work of clay artists from around the country and world.

The history of Watershed begins with the geological gift of clay found along the banks of local rivers in mid-coast Maine. For much of the 19th century, the local community relied on vital income from the manufacturing of waterstruck brick (so called because it was made from a wet mixture of clay and water). Waterstruck brick had lasting historical appeal, and in the 1970s an attempt was made to re-establish its manufacture on the site that is now the Watershed campus in Newcastle, Maine. While the brick business folded after a year, a group of artists became inspired to make use of the abandoned factory and the tons of local marine clay left at the site.​

Credit: Overview from museum website