The Botany Garden and Greenhouse

1090 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706

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The University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Botany Garden band Greenhouse provide a space for the students and faculty of the Department of Botany to carry out research on a diverse array of species with extensive morphological variation. The Botany Greenhouses and Garden become an integral part of the student’s experience here on campus, as well as provide public tours throughout the year.

The Botany Greenhouse has 8,000 square feet of growth space and the Botany Garden has 1.3 acres of land and holds the Department of Botany’s extensive collection of more than 1,500 unique species of plants and 210 plant families. 

Eight greenhouse rooms, divided into 11 distinct climate zones, take the visitor on a journey through the tropics, desert, bog, and fern forest. This collection of aquatics, succulents, bryophytes, ferns, orchids, herbs, and woody plants are used for teaching general botany, systematics, taxonomy, plant ecology, and plant anatomy to name a few. ​