Garden in the Woods

180 Hemenway Road, Framingham, MA 01701


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Garden in the Woods is a 45 acres woodland botanical garden, the headquarters of Native Plant Trust, open to visitors between mid-April and mid-October.  

The Garden is the largest landscaped collection of wildflowers in New England, containing over 1700 kinds of plants representing about 1000 species, including over 200 rare and endangered native species. The Garden is nestled within a mature oak forest on glacial terrain of rolling hills, ponds, and streams that provide a variety of microhabitats. 

The Garden in the Woods was founded in 1931, when Will C. Curtis purchased 30 acres and began to create a botanical garden on the site. When Curtis died in 1965, the land and gardens were deeded to the New England Wild Flower Society.

The Garden in the Woods also contains the largest retail native plant nursery in New England.