Mizzou Botanic Garden

University of Missouri - Columbia, Columbia, MO 65211


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The Mizzou Botanic Garden displays thousands of plants within the campus of the University of Missouri. Mizzou Botanic Garden (MUBG), established in 1999, has its roots in Chancellor Barbara Uehling’s early 1980s vision to “unify and beautify” the campus. It is from these twin roots that our campus-turned-botanic-garden has grown to take on important roles as a critical tool in recruiting students, faculty and staff, to be the demonstration site for important issues in horticulture and to serve as an outdoor, living laboratory for Mizzou students in plant sciences, engineering, journalism, education, and natural resources.​

Among the many notable collections within the Garden are the Arboretum in McAlester Park 4 acres, with more than 100 trees of 43 species, an Asiatic & Oriental Lily Garden, 10 varieties of the genus Hydrangea, 11 varieties of perennial phlox, bulbs, dayliles, and a Peony Garden: Features peonies, lilacs and other "old-fashioned" plants. 

There are three self-guided tree trail" walks designed to highlight the trees on campus. A wildlife pond is surrounded by a Japanese garden with an arched bridge and Pagoda gate. 

The Jefferson Garden includes perennials and bronze sculpture of Thomas Jefferson, as well as the original tombstone, a simple obelisk, which once sat next to Jefferson's grave.