Shambhala Botanic Gardens

4921 County Rd 68-C, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545


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The Shambhala Botanic Gardens are young botanical gardens, formally opened in 2003, and located on the 600-acre campus of the Shambhala Mountain Center at an altitude of approximately 7,800 feet. 

Four distinct environments are being created for the Shambhala Botanic Gardens & Preserve:

 - An enclosed, quarter-acre Contemplative Zen Garden in the tradition of the famous monastic gardens of Kyoto, Japan.

 - A large-scale organic vegetable and cut-flower garden;

 - A landscaped Rocky Mountain Native Plants Garden in four ecological zones representative of the Rocky Mountain West;

 - A Native Bird Sanctuary in a stream-side area has bird and bat houses and feeding stations.