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Museum Website is the only search engine designed to make it easy to find art museums, historic houses, artists' studios and gardens, wherever you are or wherever you're going in the US. 

With more than 1400 museum sites in the database,  you are certain to discover places that are new to you, and to be reminded of those that are well worth visiting again. It's a great way to plan day trips, and to think about what to do on longer vacations. Just browsing opens up a tantalizing horizon of possibilities!

Each museum has a dedicated description page that includes the address and phone number and a link to the museum website. Some also include a list of current and upcoming scheduled exhibitions, with a link to an information page for each.

Searching is simple. Just enter the target state or city, select from the drop-down menu, and hit "search".  Your results can be refined using "type of art" filters. A click on the name of a listed museum takes you to the description page.  

Spend as long as you like browsing on  --  it's totally free!