California Botanic Garden

1500 N College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711


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Forerly known as the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, the California Botanic Garden is located on the northeast side of Los Angeles County. I

Since 1927, California Botanic Garden has been at the forefront of California native plant conservation, research and horticulture. Concerned about the preservation of California’s diverse plants, Susanna Bixby Bryant set aside 200 acres of her Santa Ana Canyon Ranch near Yorba Linda, CA, as a native plant garden in memory of her father. The garden was dedicated to growing and fostering an appreciation of the native flora. Mrs. Bryant consulted with leading botanists in planning and establishing her Garden and, for many years, took personal responsibility for direction of the Garden. 

IN the 1940s the garden was destroyed by landslides and erosion brought about by fires and torrential rains. In 1951 it was moved, plant by plant,  to the current site on Indian Hill Mesa. 

California, with over 6,000 taxa of native plants, has the richest flora of any state in the continental United States. The 86-acre California Botanic Garden is the largest garden dedicated exclusively to the state’s native plants. Conservation of rare and endangered species is among the top priorities.