Missouri History Museum

5700 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63112


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The Missouri History Museum is a nationally accredited institution focusing on local and regional history. Located in Forest Park, the building is home to a variety of exhibits, programs, and events for visitors of all ages and interests.

The Missouri History Museum traces its roots back to 1866, the year that the Missouri Historical Society (MHS) formed in St. Louis and began its work of “saving from oblivion the early history of the city and state.” In the 1880s, MHS announced its intent to gather donations of historical artifacts for a public museum. The resulting response overwhelmed existing storage space and led the organization to search for a new home for its collections. The Missouri History Museum then opened to the public in 1892.

The Missouri History Museum acquired some of its most historically significant collections, including artifacts from the Lewis and Clark expedition and memorabilia belonging to aviator Charles Lindbergh, through the efforts of curator Nettie Beauregard. An exhibit featuring trophies that Lindbergh earned in honor of his historic transatlantic flight catapulted the Missouri History Museum into national awareness in the late 1920s, with 1.3 million people visiting during the first year.

The Missouri History Museum is proud to continue telling the stories of the St. Louis region while allowing visitors to engage with history in dynamic ways.