Brownsville Museum of Fine Art

660 E. Ringgold St., Brownsville, TX 78520


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In 1935, in the midst of the great depression, a group of eight women from Brownsville began meeting together in each other homes to discuss their passion for art. Those early meetings would lead to the formation of the Brownsville Art League.  From that foundation evolved the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.

The BMFA holds over 500 fine art paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and photographs of regional, national and international significance, including works by Marc Chagall, N.C. Wyeth, Alexander Calder, and more than 100 historic pieces created by the museum’s founders and their contemporaries. 

The BMFA objectives for their stewardship of this collection include augmenting the collection with additional acquisitions, conserving these pieces properly in controlled environments, displaying the collection, and researching and sharing knowledge about the pieces in the collection.

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