Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum

605 Azie Morton Road, Austin, TX 78704


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The Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum exhibits the work of Charles Umlauf, his influences, and other contemporary sculptors in a natural setting, and provides educational experiences that encourage the understanding and appreciation of sculpture. 

Umlauf’s sculptures range from haunting expressionism to detailed neoclassical realism to lyrical abstraction. His materials are equally diverse: exotic woods, terra cotta, or cast stone in his early work, rich bronzes and alabasters and luminous marbles in his prime. With equal facility, Umlauf sculpted family groupings, whimsical animals, religious and mythological figures, and sensuous nudes.

In 1985, Charles Umlauf and his wife gifted their home, property, his art studio and 168 sculptures to the City of Austin for public enjoyment and education. Landscape architect Aan Coleman designed the Garden and the internationally-recognized architect Lawrence Speck designed the UMLAUF’s gallery and terrace that opened in 1991. 

Note that the bronze sculptures in the garden have been waxed so visitors can touch the sculptures. The wax protects the bronze from being damaged by salts and oils on exploring fingers.