Museum of Craft and Design

2569 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94107


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The Museum of Craft and Design (MCD) is San Francisco’s only museum devoted exclusively to modern and contemporary craft and design.  MCD showcases designers, makers and artists through craft- and design-focused exhibitions and public programs. 

As a non-collecting institution, the museum actively collaborates with artists, designers, museums and universities, as well as design venues and practitioners to create inspirational experiences in the world of craft and design, delivering innovative exhibitions that explore and define the role of craft and design in our changing global culture.

First opened to the public in 2004, the Museum moved in 2013 into the American Industrial Center located in the historic Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. The new location provides expanded exhibition space and a dedicated space for public programming, like the popular MakeArt workshops. 

Exhibitions & Dates

  • Survival Architecture

    Dec 14 2019 - May 20 2020

    Designs for shelter in the context of climate change and natural disaster

  • Al Farrow: Divine Ammunition

    Nov 17 2018 - Feb 24 2019

    Emotionally-confounding sculpture of religious structures, ritual objects, and reliquaries

  • Gustavo Perez: Self Portrait in Black and White

    Nov 10 2018 - Feb 24 2019

    Several series of work show his creative process and development

  • Material Domestication

    Mar 16 2019 - Jul 14 2019

    6 contemporary artists utilize disparate cultural backgrounds to stack, fold, knit, and weave works into existence

  • Dead Nuts: A Search for the Ultimate Machined Object

    Jul 27 2019 - Dec 1 2019

    Objects represent the machinist's exacting craftmanship, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and skill

  • Tex Gieling: Sixty Years

    Nov 17 2018 - Feb 24 2019

    Wide range of jewelry produced througout an illustrious career

  • Wanxin Zhang

    Mar 16 2019 - Jul 14 2019

    Works are a hybrid of California Funk and nods to Chinese history

  • Design by Time

    Nov 14 2020 - Mar 14 2021

    Works from known and emerging designers express the passage of time

  • Interior/Exterior

    Jul 27 2019 - Dec 1 2019

    Interpreting public and private spaces through installations, temporary structures and sculpture

  • Linda Gass

    Dec 14 2019 - May 3 2020

    Works question the relationship between humans and their environment