National Gallery of Art

4th and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20565


The National Gallery of Art collection includes European and American masterpieces in every medium, with thousands of significant works of art from the Renaissance to the present day. 

When the National Gallery of Art was dedicated in 1941, the nucleus of its world-class collection consisted of 126 paintings and 26 sculptures given by Andrew Mellon — from Jan van Eyck’s Annunciation and Raphael’s Alba Madonna to Francisco de Goya’s Marquesa de Pontejos and Gilbert Stuart’s The Skater.  But Mellon anticipated that the collections of the National Gallery of Art would grow beyond the capacity of its original building, and at his request, Congress had set aside an adjacent plot of land for future use. Just 25 years later, 114 exhibition galleries were filled with great works of art. When more space was needed, the East Building was commissioned.

Whether you go or not, National Gallery of Art (2006) , is a comprehensive survey, with 315 illustrations, of the museum's permanent collection. Works by the greatest masters of Western art from the Middle Ages to the present, include Leonardo da Vinci, Vermeer, Titian, el Greco, Rembrandt, Rubens, Manet, van Gogh, Cézanne, and Picasso, as well as a wealth of American paintings and an array of photography and contemporary art. The museum's collection also reflects centuries of achievement in sculpture and the decorative and graphic arts.  

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