Ogden Museum of Southern Art

925 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130


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The Ogden Museum of Southern Art at the University of New Orleans owns the largest assemblage of Southern art in the world. Holdings recount the history and changing aesthetics of painting in Louisiana and other Southern states, and also include sculpture, photography, works on paper, self-taught art, and mixed media.

The Museum is housed in a comlex of three buildings. The glass and stone Goldring Hall features 47,000 sq ft of exhibition space for the 19th, 20th and 21st-century collections, rotating exhibition space, the museum store and the Center for Southern Craft and Design. 

The neo-Romanesque-style Library (1889) -- the only building in the south designed by architect Henry Hobson Richardson, despite his being a Louisiana-native -- when renovated will house the museum's 18th and 19th century art collections. 

A new wing of the library is dedicated to the art and life of Clementine Hunter, a noted Louisiana self-taught artist.

Whether you go or not, Art of the South: The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, chronicles the Ogden's outstanding collection, ranging from ceramics to photography, watercolors to contemporary oil and mixed-media painting. We relish the literature, we sing along to the jazz, blues and country music, but have we ever considered southern art? Referred to by scholars as the last frontier of American art, Southern art embodies a rich visual heritage. From the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to the Chesapeake Bay, the Mississippi River to the Carolina shore, sculptors, painters and photographers have been telling the complex story of the American South for centuries. Now that story unfolds under one roof, and in one groundbreaking book.