Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

2503 4th Avenue, Canyon, TX 79015


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The Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum opened its doors to the public in 1933. Finished in Texas limestone, the original 12,500 square-foot structure featured fine decorative stonework and, on its façade, carvings and bas reliefs depicting Western themes as well as Panhandle-Plains flora and fauna. 

More than 75 famous West Texas cattle brands surround the entrance. New Deal monies also paid for four murals, and with the gift of a neighboring library building and an addition to connect the two, the museum's more than 285,000 square feet now houses more than two million artifacts dedicated to preserving the area’s past.

For temporary exhibitions, "any subject is fair game" ... from saddles to costumes, to paintings by Georgia O'Keefe and other renowned artists.

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