Americas Society

680 Park Avenue, New York City, NY 10065


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The Americas Society is dedicated to exhibiting and promoting art from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada.

Mounting both historical and contemporary exhibitions, the Visual Arts program presents three exhibitions annually, as well as producing exhibition catalogues and scholarly publications.

Whether you go or not, A Principality of its Own: 40 Years of Visual Arts at the Americas Society  brings together a cross-cultural group of art historians and curators who discuss the relevance of the institution's intricate relationships with art, economics, and politics. Essays address the emergence of site-specific practices such as Gego's Reticulárea and neo-avant-garde manifestations such as the Fashion Show Poetry Event conceived by E. Costa, J. Perrault, and H. Wiener; Marta Minujin's happenings; Michael Snow's photographs; David Siqueiros' monographic show; and the notion of landscape in the Western Hemisphere, among other significant topics. The book explores the achievements, frictions, and experiments that modeled the institution from the Cold War to the present.