Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon

202 Shaker Rd, New Lebanon, NY 12125


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The Shaker Museum holds the most comprehensive collection of Shaker artifacts in the country. The Museum’s object and library collection numbers more than 56,000 examples of Shaker arts, industries, domestic life, and spiritual artifacts -- of which more than 80% were acquired directly from Shaker communities. 

The collection spans more than two centuries, made up of objects that relate to all aspects of the American Shakers. The collection represents the Shakers “as people of extreme faith, and as artisans whose work had an extraordinary aesthetic quality.”

The Museum now owns and stewards the North Family site at Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, part of the Mount Lebanon Shaker Society National Historic Landmark. The site consists of 11 buildings on 91 acres. The Museum is restoring the site with plans to relocate there. To that end, the Museum facility in Old Chatham has closed, with seasonal exhibits and programs now offered at Mount Lebanon and the surrounding area.

The museum is open June-October.