Adirondack Experience

Rt. 28N & 30, Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812


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The extensive campus of the Adirondack Experience  (formerly Adirondack Museum) features displays in 22 modern exhibition galleries and historic buildings, set among lush grounds and sweeping views. The exhibitions tell the unique story of the Adirondacks and its people.

The museum actively collects and exhibits objects that were made or used by Adirondackers. These objects are historical documents that tell how people live, work, and play on the Adirondack landscape. Most of these objects have been donated by Adirondackers who want to preserve and share their family and community history. There are now some 30,000 objects, more than 70,000 photographs, 9,511 books, and 800 pages of original manuscript materials housed and exhibited at the Adirondack Museum.

The Lynn Boillot Art Galleries offer special exhibitions devoted to the fine and decorative arts.