Art Gallery at the University of New Hampshire

30 Academic Way, Paul Creative Arts Center, Durham, NH 03824


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The Museum of Art holds a permanent collection of 1,700 works, including paintings, drawings, prints, photography, ceramics, and sculpture. The collection emphasizes 19th- and 20th-century prints and drawings and includes nearly 200 Japanese woodblock prints. Annual exhibitions feature works from the permanent collection.

The second generation of Boston Expressionist artists is well represented in the permanent collection, and the historical art of New England is an area of strength, including works by Frank Benson, Mary B. Call, J. J. Enneking, Walter Gay, Gaston Lachaise, William Trost Richards, Abbott H. Thayer, and Charles Woodbury. 

The museum is open according to the academic calendar.

Exhibitions & Dates

  • People, Places and Things: Recent Acquisitions 2014-2018

    Aug 29 2018 - Oct 30 2018

    Paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and sculpture

  • Scott Schnepf

    Nov 1 2018 - Dec 16 2018

    4 decades of printmaking including airy landscapes, intimate domestic interiors and more

  • Youv Horesh: Aftermath

    Jan 24 2019 - Mar 31 2019

    Photographs of hundreds of suicide bombing sites revel a society accustomed to random vioence

  • Impact

    Apr 12 2019 - May 17 2019

    Recognizing the significant contribution of working artists to the cultural life of a region