Worcester Art Museum

55 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA 01609


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American art from 1670 to the end of the 20th century, with special strengths in colonial painting and American Impressionism.

Of note is a small selection of Greek and Roman art,  from large-scale Greek marble reliefs and black- and red-figure vases, to an unusual Cypriot sculpture (Head of Aphrodite), a variety of ancient glass, hundreds of Greek and Roman coins, and rare Roman imperial portrait (Caligula).  Fine Roman floor mosaics excavated in Antioch.

Works by Hogarth, Monet, Gauguin and Redon are among more than 478 European paintings. The collection includes Italian, 18th-century British, and French paintings from the 18th- through early 20th-century. Also, European prints and drawings from the Renaissance to Contemporary and a collection of photographs from the early 1840s to the present.

Additional collections of Arms and Armor, and Chinese, Indian, Islamic, Japanese, and Precolumbian art.