Pilgrim Hall Museum

75 Court Street, Plymouth, MA 02360


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Pilgrim Hall Museum is the oldest continuously operating public museum in the country. "Pilgrim Hall’s extraordinary collection of 17th century artifacts, some of which indeed came on the Mayflower, illuminates the story of the founding of Plymouth Colony. It is a story of struggle, sacrifice, courage and perseverance. In many ways, it is the story of the founding of America."    

Collections include Arms and Armor, Furniture, History Paintings, Pilgrim Press Books, Portraits, and 17th-Century Personal and Household items. The permanent exhibition presents artifacts from the collections with historical information to illuminate the Pilgrim and Native American story to 1692, when Plymouth Colony came to an end. 

On display are Peregrine White’s cradle, William Bradford’s Bible and Myles Standish’s sword.

Whether you go or not, Of Plymouth Plantation, by William Bradford is the most important and influential source of information about Plymouth, this landmark account was written by the colony's governor. It vividly documents the Pilgrims' first stop in Holland, their harrowing transatlantic crossing, the first harsh winter in the new land, and the help from Native Americans that saved their lives.

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