Hudson Museum at the University of Maine

5746 Collins Center for the Arts, Orono, ME 04469


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The Hudson Museum maintains a collection of almost 9,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects including a world-class assemblage of almost 3,000 Pre-Columbian ceramics, lithics (stone) and gold work dating from 2000 BC to the time of the Spanish Conquest. This collection is complemented by contemporary ethnographic objects from Mexico, Guatemala and Panama.

The North American collection includes Native American and Native Alaskan objects from the Northwest Coast, Arctic, Plains, Southwest and Northeast. The Maine Native American collection holds more than 900 objects, including a large collection of Penobscot basket-making tools. Southwestern holdings include historic Pueblo pottery, Hopi kachinas, Navajo textiles, Pima and Havasupai basketry, Navajo and Zuni silverwork and contemporary art. Arctic holdings feature ethnographic clothing, tools and weapons.

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