North Forest Outdoor Lights: Klip Collective

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Sep 4 2024 - Jan 5 2025

Inspired by Crystal Bridges’ sprawling wilderness, the Philadelphia-based Klip Collective will present an immersive nighttime light and sound experience that simultaneously transforms the museum’s North Forest. Guests are invited to meander along the forest paths like never before with awe-inducing installations that cast the woods as a near-magical space of joyful discovery. Opening right at the end of summer and running into early winter, Klip’s exhibition leans into the passage of time and changing environment, unraveling as a mesmerizing journey through time and space.

Founded in 2003, Klip Collective is a collaborative group of artists, sound designers, composers, and technologists. Each member brings their unique skillset together to create sensorial experiments that charm, inspire, and transport viewers the world over. In speaking about this project at Crystal Bridges, Klip’s founder and creative director, Ricardo Rivera, said, “We’re honored to have the opportunity to transform Crystal Bridges’ North Forest space with new site-specific audio and visual installations. Our exhibit will showcase a layered, meditative experience. Through sonic and illuminated landscapes, our work will explore cycles in nature and experiment with distortions in time.” This exhibition is curated by Alejo Benedetti, curator of contemporary art at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary.

Credit: Overview from museum website

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