Danielle Hatch: All the Soarings Of My Mind Begin In My Blood

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Dec 6 2023 - Jun 24 2024

Danielle Hatch’s video meditates on heritage and collective care, documenting the ongoing collaboration between the presented women artists as part of a visual legacy of feminist art making practices. Its innovative use of a drone video camera to document the ritual observation of the fall equinox creates a metaphor for humans’ relationships with nature, especially culturally specific relationships with seasonal astronomical events.

The work presents a breadth of environmental details that define the Utah landscape’s high desert, prairie, mountain ranges, and salt flats to expand our environmental understanding of how diverse the US South is as a region broader than the southeast.

About the Artist:  Based in Northwest Arkansas, Danielle Hatch is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the female body’s relationship to the built environment, notions of artificiality, and power structures. She creates site-specific installations, sculptures, and performances. Hatch has a BA in architecture from Wellesley College and an MFA in Spatial Studies from UC-Santa Barbara.

Credit: Overview from museum website

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