Love Island: Japanese Weddings of the Edo Period

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Dec 16 2023 - Oct 6 2024

Love Island: Japanese Weddings of the Edo Period features the exquisite artistry of some of the important elements included in an Edo period (1615–1868) bridal trousseau. 

During the Edo period, Japan’s social structure was dominated by the Tokugawa shogun’s military government regime. Families of the shogunate and provincial feudal lords (daimyo) arranged strategic marriages to establish strong alliances. Once an engagement was announced, wealthy daimyo commissioned magnificent bridal trousseaus (a collection of a bride’s possessions) for their daughters that symbolized the family’s power, prestige, social rank, and political alliances. 

Focusing on the bride, this installation in the DMA’s Asian Art galleries showcases a toilette set that once belonged to a member of the Tokugawa ruling clan, an incense guessing game set, and a lavish wedding kimono. ​

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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