Personal Geographies: Trent Davis Bailey ǀ Brian Adams

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Jul 30 2023 - Feb 11 2024

Personal Geographies: Trent Davis Bailey ǀ Brian Adams presents a selection of images by two artists who seek to understand themselves and the places they treasure though photography. The exhibition is divided into two galleries, one featuring 32 photographs by Trent Davis Bailey and the other 19 by Brian Adams.​​

Colorado photographer Trent Davis Bailey reflects on his personal history and the relationship between images and memory. Personal Geographies presents work from his series The North Fork, which draws inspiration from childhood memories, small-scale family farms, and the landscape of western Colorado. 

Anchorage-based Iñupiaq photographer Brian Adams has travelled across Alaska and beyond to make pictures that celebrate the Arctic landscape and sensitively share the stories, cultures, and perspectives of Inuit people and communities.

Credit: Overview from museum website

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