2023 Arizona Artist Awards

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Jul 19 2023 - May 12 2024

Featuring works by Arizona-based contemporary artists, Gabriela Muñoz & Jenea Sanchez: Empowered Fronterizx Bodies and the 2023 Lehmann Emerging Artist Award Recipients exhibitions explore themes of power, migration, and identity.​

Collaborating since 2009, their practice includes video, printmaking, paper-making, installation, performance, sculpture, and socially engaged projects, rooted in their experiences as women of color who grew up in the liminal culture between Mexico and the United States. Through skill-sharing and mutual aid, Fronterizx Collective develops projects and artworks that center the experiences of women of color and explore issues of power, labor, and transnational feminism. Their solo exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum links these themes, showcasing their latest projects and installations.

About the Arlene and Morton Scult Artist Award
The Arlene and Morton Scult Artist Award recognizes a mid-career Arizona artist. Each year, the recipient is chosen from a pool of candidates based on a number of criteria. Eligible candidates are artists who demonstrate artistic excellence through their work, are presently making and exhibiting new work, have demonstrated significant growth in their work over their careers, and have been residents of Arizona for a minimum of four consecutive years. The recipient is then selected based on the work they are currently producing in addition to pieces they have created in the past. The award includes a $10,000 prize, a solo exhibition at the Museum, and a lifetime PhxArt Membership.

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