From Chaos to Order

Greek Geometric Art from the Sol Rabin Collection

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Apr 16 2023 - Jul 30 2023

From Chaos to Order: Greek Geometric Art from the Sol Rabin Collection presents 57 artworks from 900 to 700 BCE, an expressive period of Greek art characterized by balance, symmetry, and rhythm, all aimed at refining the concept of beauty down to its elemental core. These works, many of which have never before been on public display, open new windows into this formative period of Greek art history, revealing what beauty (Greek: kallos) meant to Greeks of the Geometric period.​​

The era of Greek Geometric art is named after the geometric patterns that were found on decorative vessels created during this era. The exhibition, traveling to Denver from the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, examines the various artistic elements and motifs that defined the period and allowed the artists to make their meaning and musings echo throughout time. Themes such as class structure, music, poetry, religion, and ideals of beauty are all explored and preserved, inviting visitors to learn about a pivotal time period and culture that did so much to shape society today.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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